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Michael G. Laramie: Author Biography

Mr. Laramie is a military history writer and the author of three books, The European Invasion of North America: Colonial Conflict along the Hudson-Champlain Corridor, By Wind and Iron: Naval Campaigns in the Champlain Valley, 1665-1814, and King William’s War: The First Contest for North America, 1689-1697. He has also published articles inVermont HistoryThe Journal of America’s Military PastMilitary History MagazineThe Hudson River Valley Review, and has an upcoming article entitled, “The Return of the Ram: The Battle of Plum Point Bend,” in Naval History Magazine. He resides with his family in the mountains of sunny Arizona.

I am an alumnus of the University of Arizona (Bear Down!) where I studied engineering and physics, and in the process learned how to consume coffee at an alarming rate. I am an Air Force veteran and flew with a reconnaissance squadron in the Middle East during the height of the Cold War. I am a husband, father, a mediocre shot, and a research engineer involved in the next generation of high energy batteries for electric vehicles. I experience Red Sox anxiety every spring, curse the heat in the summer (although I live in the desert southwest), experience yet more Red Sox anxiety in the fall, and still drink far too much coffee.  Most importantly however, I have a family that supports my passion for the past and encourages my efforts. For this I am not only fortunate, but extremely grateful.