Articles by Michael G. Laramie

“The French Lake Champlain Fleet and the Contest for the Lake, 1742-1760,” Vermont History (Summer/Fall 2015).

This Ben Lane Award winning article discusses the construction and employment of the French Lake Champlain fleet during King George’s War and the last French and Indian War, as well as British efforts that successfully wrested control of the lake from the French.

“Colonel Wolfgang Romer: A Royal Engineer’s Odyssey in New York and New England, 1698-1705,” Journal of America’s Military Past, (Spring/Summer 2011).

Colonel Wolfgang Romer was one of the first Royal Engineers to be stationed in the American colonies. His analysis of the colonial forts and fortifications of New York and New England prove one of the first professional looks at the defenses of the colony, but perhaps of more importance, was the rift between the engineer and the colonial authorities.

“Captain John Redknap: A Royal Engineer in Queen Anne’s War, 1705-1714,” Journal of America’s Military Past, (Winter 2015).

Assigned to North America in 1705 as Colonel Wolfgang Romer’s replacement, Captain John Redknap would soon find himself embroiled in a decade long war with New France and the far more complicated battlefield of 18th century colonial politics.

“A Fool’s Errand,” Military History Magazine, (Jan. 2016).  

While modern history often points to Wolfe’s capture of Quebec in 1759 as the end of the French and Indian Wars, what it often forgets is that during the winter of 1759 the remaining elements of the French colony devised a desperate last gamble to seize Quebec back from the British in the spring of 1760. What neither side would realize is that what started as a “Fool’s Errand,” would come within a few minutes of succeeding.

“The Forts and Fortifications of Colonial Albany,” The Hudson Valley Review, (Spring 2016). 

Few places in the colonial era of North America held as much importance as Albany. Located at the end of navigation in the Upper Hudson Valley this town would be at the center of almost 150 years of conflict between the French and English in the New World. “The Forts and Fortifications of Colonial Albany,” chronicles the rise of this town’s prominence in colonial affairs, and the efforts from the first Dutch settlers in the early 17th century to the English and colonial occupants during the last French and Indian War to defend this key position.